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Come! Learn how to fly and take the first step towards the world of paragliding with Solang valley Paragliding Training Packages and Rafting and Skiing Adventure in Manali Solang valley.

Paragliding Training Package:

Paragliding is the fastest growing recreational and competitive adventure in India. In paragliding sport a person jumps from a high place (like Hills, cliff or an airplane) with a special parachute that allows him to go an extended horizontal distance before he land. As he is lifted up, from the ground he can fly like a bird in perfect weather conditions...

Rafting Manali:

Rafting is recreational outdoor activities adventure in Manali. Enjoy and view of water Rafting, River Rafting from the hills along with the clear water of the river gushing through the town with full force and the pleasant climatic conditions make Manali a favored honeymoon destination.

Skiing Adventure: Skiing is a recreational activity and competitive sports. Enjoy thrilling experiencing of Manali skiing adventure with US! Join us and enjoy snow skiing in Manali one of the best Skiing Adventure places! India

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All packages of Paragliding, Rafting and Skiing Adventure as per your requirements. Our customer service team members will respond to any query within 24 hours with current offers and itinerary. Get - Basic course, Intermediate course and advanced course of – Paragliding! Skiing! Rafting! Three Adventure. All Packages include theory classes and practical classes conducted by our experienced trainer.